About AFF

For more than 130 years, the Swedish Defence Association (Allmänna Försvarsföreningen) has been a forum for debate about defence and security policy issues.

It is a non-profit, politically and economically independent organisation. The aim is that everyone interested in defence and security should be able to participate and support free information and debate.

The Swedish Defence Association has a central office in Stockholm and regional sections all over Sweden. The activities are financed through membership fees, advertisement, project revenues and returns on invested capital.

Why do we exist?

The world is in constant change. The threats against our security are changing and vulnerabilities to modern society appear within various areas.

We want to stimulate a discussion about security and the threats that exist against our freedom.

We want to bring in a long-term thinking in the security policy debate.

We want to increase insights and persue a balanced dialogue about threats and risk in the society.

What do we do?

The Swedish Defence Association participates actively in the debate on defence and security policy by arranging seminars, conferences, debates and lectures throughout Sweden.

The Swedish Defence Association also publishes the magazine Our Defence (Vårt Försvar). The magazine is an important forum for information and debate on security and defence issues.

The Swedish Defence Association cooperates with various organisations, regionally, nationally and internationally.


To understand changes in Sweden and internationally


About the need for critical thinking


Where different views are allowed and articulated

Allmänna försvarsföreningen
Teatergatan 3
111 48 Stockholm

Tel. (+46)708 608 771
Email: aff@aff.a.se