Den 3 juni medverkade GS Anna Wieslander i Deutsche Welle och diskuterade varför Östersjön är av vikt för Ryssland, samt hur Sveriges och Finlands anslutning till Nato har skiftat dynamiken i regionen. Anna Wieslander kommenterade bland annat:

Moderator: “Do you think that NATO has been too timid so far in its response to Russia’s aggression?”
Anna Wieslander: “Yes, unfortunately it is a fact that Russia understands the language of strength and the West has not really shown that. In 2014 after Russia illegally annexed Crimea, the US actually decreased its overall defense spending, Germany became energy dependent on Russian gas, and we also did not deterred Russia in the hybrid sphere. We now need quite drastically to increase our defense spending. Only 21 out of 32 NATO allies will reach the 2% of GDP target at the NATO Summit in July. This needs to accelerate not only to help Ukraine, but also to strengthen our own defenses. That is a language that Russia understands and that should serve as the next step. If we are stronger, Russia will be more willing to negotiate and calm down.”

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